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Review Keto in 28: The Ultimate Low-Carb, High-Fat Weight-Loss Solution

Why you need Keto in 28:

Amaze Yourself… In Just 28 Days

  • Be lighter and thinner… it’s not uncommon to lose 12+ pounds!
  • Have more energy than you’ve felt in years
  • Sleep better and wake up more rested
  • Notice your skin and hair improve
  • Feel a sense of accomplishment

Best of all… you’ll GAIN MOMENTUM with your new Keto lifestyle

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Excellent book for Keto noobs! 🙂

My husband and I have just started the ketogenic diet and I’ve been a bit overwhelmed. A friend recommended this book, so I decided to give it a try.
I just got it today, and have already read it! She breaks it all down so well, so it is so much easier to understand. In this book you get four different shopping lists for each individual week of menus she provides. Basically she plans the whole month out for you with tons of delicious sounding means. Breakfast lunch dinner AND snacks are covered! There’s even a keto smoothie section which I was very happy to find!
There is a list of pantry staples to have while doing keto as well which was very helpful to me. Every recipe she has on the menu is provided along with extras. This book is 100% worth the money if you are doing keto! I’ve googled and joined groups and spent so much time looking things up about this online and was still having some issues but this book really helped break it down in the way I needed to understand.
I HIGHLY recommend this book!

Day 11 and smooth sailing!

I’m on day 11 of my Keto challenge. So far it’s been much easier than I anticipated to give up carbs and sugar, which for me is really saying something. Not that I don’t have my challenges or cravings, because I still definitely do, but I’ve been able to manage them. It has also done wonders on curbing my appetite. Most of the time I’ll feel like … I should eat but I’m kind of ambivalent about it. It helps me make good decisions since I’m not ravenous. Keto is a fairly easy diet to implement as far as what’s in and what’s out. Eat a lot of fat, moderate protein, and try to keep carbs as low as possible. I like that the explanation portion of the book was light. It just went over most of the need to know and nitty gritty of doing keto without going into exhaustive detail. That might not be for everyone, but for someone who’s been doing nutrition research for years, it helped not feel overwhelmed with information, most of it redundant. So far I’ve lost about 8 lbs, though I’m aware most of it could be water.

The only reason I took away a star is for the recipes. I’m a single person with only myself to cook for. Most of the recipes make 4 servings. To make matters worse, I’d be spending minimum $300 on groceries each week if I followed the mail plan to a T. Even with my adaptation and trying to keep expenses low, I’m spending over $100 the first week or two. I’m hoping with some of the more expensive stuff like the different flours, extracts, and spices purchased, that some of my expenses will go down. In addition, if I made every meal for every day that the plan mentions, I’d be spending at least 2 hours a day cooking or my entire Sunday cooking like 12 meals. It’s ludicrous for a busy single person with a job to be expected to do. It’s where almost every diet plan falls down. On a positive side I wish someone would make me those meals because they do look delcious and the few I’ve cooked so far were really well done.

This has led to a lot of trial and error and not really following the meals plan at all. From the book, I picked 1-2 breakfasts, 1-2 smoothies, 1 crockpot-esque meal, and then used the snack section for inspiration. Then I went to the meat counter at my local grocery store (they have really good meat) and picked a bunch of meats that looked to not have any sugary carby marinades or breadings. I’ve been using Fitpal to calculate my net carbs, fat, and protein to try to make sure I’m close to the grams mentioned in the book, but it’s not exact. I keep wondering if I’d be losing more if I could follow the plan because my protein is a bit high and I feel like I’m not eating any vegetables.

In any case, I’d still recommend this to a friend with the caveat to maybe play mix and match with the meals unless he/she has a family. The fact that I’m ambivalent about food and not ravenous all the time after only a few days into the diet, speaks wonders to powers of low carb!

Just Do This!

I am only into Week 2, but have already dropped 6 lbs while eating delicious foods in portion sizes I sometimes can’t even finish! More importantly even than the weight loss, though, is that I immediately felt and functioned better physically. 3 years ago I had my second hip replaced. The surgery was easy and the healing was complete. However, through a process of acting on wrong-headed but very assertive medical advice, I ended up taking statins, as they had discovered a very small amount of “stuff” in one artery and didn’t want it to get worse. So they treated it as if it was already serious by prescribing a really high level of station.. I was obviously allergic, as I began having bad reactions immediately and finally was motivated to stop taking them when I almost lost the use of my legs due to the muscle and nerve pain I was experiencing. For most of the last 3 years, I have had to coax my legs to do what they needed to do. I walked slowly and with pain. I drug myself upstairs by the banister with my legs semi-following along complaining every step of the way. One knee had begun to bother me enough that I was afraid more surgery would be imminent. Blah-de-blah-blah-blah. All that to say all this. Today, coming out of WalMart, I noticed a car waiting for me to cross and without even thinking twice, I RAN across the crosswalk! Two weeks ago I tried to run just a couple of steps and could NOT get my legs to do it! It may not sound huge to you, but it’s huge to me. I. RAN. TODAY!!!!! And the only thing I’ve changed is my eating. I followed the Week 1 plan almost exactly. And now I’m into Week 2. I’m not experiencing cravings. They talk about Keto Flu, but if I had it at all, it lasted less than a day and was kind of my farewell to what I had begun to accept as bad moods that I and everyone around me would just have to learn to live with. Wrong! I haven’t been in a bad mood in 10 days! Again, maybe not so much to you – but HUGE to me!! (And my husband doesn’t mind either.). So all in all, I started on the Keto plan because my son, my sister and my niece were raving about it and I thought I might try one more time to lose some weight. But I’m staying on it because my energy levels are up, my body doesn’t hurt, I’m feeling satiated and satisfied and keep being surprised that it’s already time to eat again and, did I mention this — I RAN TODAY!!! At this rate, I’ll reach my goal weight way before my 70th birthday. Marathons? Probably not. — wouldn’t want to embarrass all you younger folk. I could not recommend this way of eating more highly and this book gives such an easy start – providing you enjoy trying new recipes and hearing yourself and others raving rather than craving. It will take awhile before I can cook this way intuitively and maintain the right balance, but what a worthwhile learning curve it is!

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